I have a problem using my fibre broadband

If you are experiencing any sorts of issues with your fibre broadband you need to contact your service provider. All issues with your fibre broadband needs to be reported to them and all communication is with them. If they are not able to fix the issue or if it’s something with the actual cable they will send this to us at IP-Only and we will dispatch a technician.

Please note you will receive updates regarding your case from your service provider.

A few things to do try before you report an error is:

  • Reset the fibre box. Please see below for instructions, before you perform the reset make sure all ethernet cables have been unplugged.
  • Reset your router, as this may vary on different models and settings please make sure to check your manual for instructions.
  • If you have a router, disconnect this and plug your TV/Computer straight to your fibre box. This will help provide the most accurate information when your service provider is troubleshooting. Most service providers will demand this in order to help you troubleshoot.
  • Check our website for network disturbances . Sometimes there could be a major issue and if so we will update this on our website and let all service providers know which of their customers are affected.

How to do a reset
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