Building a fibre network - how does it work and how long does it take?

Building a fibre network takes a lot of planning and hard work.
First of all we send out order forms in an area to let people know we aim to start expanding our network in their area. In order to go ahead with the new network we first of all need to know enough people are interested. Once we know this we can go ahead and start applying for permits and sign contracts with locals to cross their land.

Please note that state regulated authorities such as Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) and Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board) are currently experiencing delays in dealing with applications. This is due to the massive increase in fiber network expansion taking place all over the country.
During wintertime we have to take a break in digging and some permits will have the clause that no digging is to take part between e.g November and April due to the ground being fragile and frosty.

Once all permits have been approved and we have an assigned contractor we will start expanding the network and once we start it tends to be done in quite a short time. You will at some point be contacted regarding as to where we need to lay the cable and access your house. You will be allowed to make suggestions but the contractors will have the final say.
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